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Questions/suggestions for Cascade story map app

Question asked by starlene on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2016 by starlene

I like this new template but have several questions....


Will there be any tools to change the size, color of the text?Or should all of that be handled outside of the app, and then the text/code pasted into the story map? If so, will there be a way to show the HTML code as in other story map apps? I do not see any way to change the color of the title text on the cover page or any of the title areas.


Cover page - title required? I have an image I'd like to use as my cover & it has text, but I cannot save my story without entering a title.


Is there/will there be a way to have 2 media entries side by side instead of inline? Or other types of layout options?


The text box on the side of the 'immersive' is a bit too responsive IMO- the box does not appear until one scrolls the map and its a little distracting/misleading


Is this template available on Github? I don't really want to build a custom one (and I really can't with my skillset) but I hope to download the app & host on my server as with other story maps.


I do not see a way to get the 'view' options under the 'appearance' section of an added web map enabled- is this currently available?


with an embedded web map- the designer can decide which map layers to show but is that something the user can do as well? turn on /off layers?  How  about showing a legend?


Looking forward to this app's development....although I would have preferred a little more control over the look & feel as with other apps before this was made available. But maybe I am just not finding some of these tools!