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How do i get realistic 3D tree symbology to display in Web scenes??

Question asked by russellchapman on Jun 16, 2016
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Hey all,

I'm trying to figure out a way to get realistic looking 3d trees into web scenes to view in agol "scenes".  I don't have access to city engine, but to have arcgis pro v1.2 and arcgis desktop suite 10.4.  I was hoping to be able to publish 3d marker feature services to represent trees in forestry visualizations.  something like this.




I've been successful in the desktop software, but cannot seem to figure out how to get a feature service or some other method to make this sort of scene possible in the web scene viewer.  Anybody have any success getting 3d trees into the agol scene viewer?  Here's a video link for a scene i did in Pro and sort of what i'm hoping for in a web scene.  I know 3d markers are not supported in feature services currently, so has anyone figured out a workflow to display this sort of information in the web scene format?  Currently I have lidar derived points with height attributes i have been using to symbolize with 3d marker trees, both from the esri 3d tree library and marker symbols i have made in sketch up as well. 


Any ideas would be much appreciated. 


Cheers & Happy Mapping!