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Widgets that update geodatabase feature sets and tables

Question asked by ceritz on Jun 16, 2016
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I am an application developer for the Army National Guard and I have been tasked with developing a ArcGIS Javascript application to track the status and positions of Force Packages that can be activated to respond to various local and state emergencies.  A Force Package is a grouping of personnel and equipment for carrying out a specific mission.  For example, there is an an Aeromedical Evacuation Force Package (AEFP), a Point of Distribution Point Force Package (PDFP) for distributing food, water and hygiene items and a Power Generation Force Package (PGFP) to provide emergency power to critical support facilities.


The end users of the system are interested in creating, updating and deleting Force Package information via Javascript API Widgets that live inside our ArcGIS Web AppBuilder application.  They are hoping to avoid using a separate application, written in PHP, ASP.NET or some other non-ArcGIS paradigm, to create, update and delete the Force Package information displayed on the ArcGIS web application.


In other words, we want to create a widget, or a set of widgets, to support CRUD operations via a Map Service that ultimately updates a geodatabase, as opposed to widgets that merely select and filter artifacts stored in a geodatabase.


Is there anyone out there that has written widgets to support this type of functionality, i.e. widgets that not only read and filter feature sets and tables in a geodatabase but also update and delete them?  Any ideas or examples of such CRUD widgets are duly appreciated.