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Can you use multiple symbols and colors for different attributes in AGOL?

Question asked by EvanTrial on Jun 15, 2016

I'm trying to create a web map with an imported csv file in arcgis online, where I have many fields with many attributes.  I want to edit the style so that the attributes of one field are color-coded on the map, and the attributes under another field are organized by unique symbols. 

Example: one field is named bridge types, and there are multiple unique attributes under that field such as "suspension", "cable-stayed", etc.  I want to have it so that all features containing "suspension" are one color, and "cable-stayed" another colour  I have been able to do this without a problem.  However, I would also like another field called "Use of bridge" to have its attributes organized by unique symbols pertaining to things such as "vehicle", "pedestrian", or "rail".

Is this possible in ArcGIS online?  If not, is it possible in ArcMap?

Thank you