Slope for non-elevation data

Discussion created by pperoni on Dec 6, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2011 by jonas.m

Iâ??m carrying out some analysis on the variability of two continuous variables which Iâ??d expect to be correlated. Iâ??d therefore expect that in areas where one of my variables varies considerably the other one would follow the same pattern.

My variables are also not expressed in the same unit of measurement. I thought of using the Slope function in Spatial Analyst to compute the rate of change in Z-values of my two variables within each cell of my raster dataset (note: both are non-elevation related variables, which makes me questioning my approach). This would give me a first idea of the cell-by-cell variability of each of my variable. Iâ??d then compute a zonal statistics analysis (using a fishnet to define my zone areas), deriving the standard deviation from the slope values of my variables. Iâ??d expect that areas (in my fishnet) with high values of the standard deviation for one variable would correspond to area with high value of the standard deviation for the other one. Any departure from this expected pattern would indicate the presence of an anomaly which I may want to investigate further.

Any feedback on the approach just described would be very much appreciated.