Canadian geocoding headache

Discussion created by dweisz on Jun 14, 2016
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Hey everyone,


As per the subject, I have a geocoding headache (is there a worse kind?). I've successfully created address locators and geocoded addresses before, but I'm running into a wall right now.


Here's what I'm working with: A .csv table I received through a freedom of information request that contains the following fields: address (ex. "1 SCRAPER ST W), municipality, postal code, and province. All of the addresses are within the province of Ontario, and there are over 120,000 of them.


I've been trying to create an address locator using the Ontario Road Network Segment with Address, which contains the following:


The ORN is a national, provincial and municipal initiative that supports the creation, maintenance and sharing of a standard road database. With a positional accuracy of 10 meters or better the ORN is the authoritative source of roads data for Ontario.



This dataset is derived from the ORN Road Net Element data class. It combines 3 types of geometry:


road elements


ferry connections


virtual roads


Address ranges span intersection to intersection or may be interpolated across intersections. Dataset contains 5 attributes:


street name


address information


route identification


road classification


direction of traffic flow


However, once I successfully create the address locator and proceed to geocode, I get zero matches. Am I using the wrong reference data?