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Missing Operational Layers in WAB Dev Edition

Question asked by jaygis on Jun 13, 2016

Hi There, I am having an odd issue. I have created WAB application and wanted to add some some widgets in Dev version. Somehow WAB dev builder doesn't show the layers from dynamic web service. These are steps that I have done so far:

- From portal interface within our firewall, created webmap, WAB app, shared the map with everyone.
- I registered the app via portal interface.
- From WAB dev edition, imported from my account, import was successful
- When I go to edit the app, it shows a progress bar and then it only show base map, no operational layers. There is another progress bar that shows spinning lower right corner. 

I have tried various themes, browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox). I am not sure if I am missing something obvious, appreciate any help. Thanks Jay