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Is it possible to use the Python installed by ArcGis Pro outside of it?

Question asked by arturo.amador on Jun 13, 2016
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I am trying to use the Python installed by ArcGis Pro (v1.2) linked to an IDE (PyCharm). The only Python installation in my WINDOWS system is Python 3.4 Installed by ArcGis Pro under the c:\Python34 folder (Python.exe).


I get errors of "Python.exe Access denied" both from the command line and from PyCharm. I have tried to change the permissions of the folder and its contents ticking off the "read only" option but again, I get "Access denied" errors, not only for Python.exe but also for a "License.txt" file within the Python34 Directory.


Is the Python installed by ArcGis supposed to be only used within the Product? or is there a way to make it my system's Python default?


Thanks a lot for any useful help!