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Can you append z values from a polyline to adjacent polygon vertexes in Arc 9.3?

Question asked by tstegman on Jun 10, 2016



I am working with a geodatabse terrain surface derived from LiDAR.  The problem is I have thick vegetation around a river levee top and I would like to flatten the top of the levee to represent the bare earth more appropriately.  I have digitized the levee profile from areas which I know to be not influenced by the vegetation, and extracted the z values from my DEM.  I would now like to digitize a polygon representing the top of the levee, and then pass the elevation points from the line profile to the polygon, so I can use it as a replace polygon in my terrain surface.  Does anyone know how I might accomplish this.  I have done significant searching on this and have not come to a good solution other than copying the line, pasting it, and manually moving it, adding vertices where needed.  There must be a more elegant way of doing this.