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converting contour lines to DEM

Question asked by RC123 on Jun 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by kjb12180

I am using ArcMap Desktop.  I have a shape file with contour lines for about eight lakes in an area of about 15 square miles.

The picture below is to give an idea of the distance between lakes and the picture at the bottom is a more zoomed in view of some of the lakes.  I already have DEM data for the white area in the pictures.  I would like to use the contours lines in the lakes to make DEM data which I could then adjust to make the shallower water light blue and the deeper lake depths a darker blue.

I tried using the TopoToRaster tool but it thinks the area between the lakes is part of the lakes and make dem data for the entire area. Can the TopoToRaster tool do only the lakes with the contour lines?  How?  Or, is there there a better tool for this?