Map Journal Customization examples

Discussion created by timw1984 Champion on Jun 9, 2016
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Hey everybody,


recently I have created a heavily customized Map Journal story map and figured I share it with the community so they can extract whatever code they would like to use in their story map.


Here is a list of customization:

- You are able to click on any feature in the overview map and it will take you to the section where this place is featured

- I added a google streetview button to each section map

- I added a basemap switch button to each section

- Some of the sections play audio specific to the section

- A playlist of all the audio used

- A mute button

- Use a custom font that you have downloaded and hosted


Eventually I will write a series of blog post talking about each feature and how you can implement it in your story map.


Here is the link: Impressions de France


Let me know what you think