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How to generate a .png from dynamic content

Question asked by AlpineGIS on Jun 7, 2016

Our product is a hosted service. The browser client builds maps using the ESRI Javascript API. The server uses the ESRI REST API to do things like intersect feature geometry.

My customer has requested the ability to generate pdf maps based on what is visible in the browser window. For a given site and collection of features 3 or 4 different pdf maps will be available that answer different questions about the site.

I have found that I can use the REST API to export an image from a Map Service. My problem is that it appears that a Map Service is static after it has been published. This would be a great answer if I could dynamically create a Map Service.

I have found PrintTemplates, but this technology didn't appear to be what I needed.

Ideally, I would construct a map like I do using the Javascript API, add layers and add graphics to layers. I would do this from the server, where I will embed the .png into a pdf.