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SymbolConverter error message

Question asked by cds2010 on Jun 6, 2016

I'm using v4.0 of the JS API and am trying to use the PathSymbol3DLayer to represent a polyline as a tube. 


Having followed the samples, I have a 3d polyline coming from a map service which provides the URL to a featurelayer. I've created a SimpleRenderer with a LineSymbol3d which has a PathSymbol3DLayer.


If I don't set the renderer on the featurelayer, the polyline is displayed correctly as a flat line.  However when I apply the renderer to the featurelayer, I get the following message in the browser console:

SymbolConverter: don't know how to convert symbol of type 'Path'


Has anybody come across this problem before?  Below is my renderer and layer code.



var alignmentRenderer = new SimpleRenderer({
     symbol:new LineSymbol3D({
          symbolLayers: [new PathSymbol3DLayer({
             size: 20,
             material: { color: [ 128,128,128 ] }

// Layer for depicting alignment below the surface
var alignmentLyr = new FeatureLayer({
    url: alignmentUrl,
    outFields: ["*"],
    returnZ: true,
    renderer: alignmentRenderer