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ArcGIS Pro does not render large point featureclass

Question asked by efisher16 on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by christopher.brown

Hi Folks,


I am exploring ArcGIS Pro by migrating many of my projects from ArcScene into ArcGIS.  The data are all stored in File Geodatabases.  I'm having the most issues displaying and manipulating our largest point file, which has ~300,000 points within a fairly narrow 3D space (vertically and laterally).


I've created a test ArcGIS Pro local scene using the South Africa National Grid Coordinate System, which accords with our data.  Usually only a fragment of the data render when I addthe point file and the "Drawing" icon spins continuously.  I've reset the cache and the file still fails to render fully.  I have noticed on a few occasions that if I close the project and reopen it then the point file will render fully upon restarting the program.  However, if the entire point file shows then I am almost unable to rotate the scene, which becomes very slow and buggy.


I can render and manipulate the same point file in ArcScene and ArcMap without issue, but I would really like to begin using ArcGIS Pro because of the advanced 3D capabilities.  Is there some way I can improve the rendering of ArcGIS Pro vector point features?  I have turned the display quality settings to their lowest values, updated my display drivers, reset the layer caches etc.  I'm now at a loss about what else to do?  Can I import a feature class into an LAS dataset perhaps?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Here are my system settings:

Dell Precision 5510

Xeon 1505 Processor

16 GB memory

Nvidia Quadro M1000M

ArcGIS 10.4 with ArcGIS Pro 1.2