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Zoom In Capabilities Survey 123

Question asked by rjmarros on Jun 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2017 by rjmarros

I posted  a response to this same type of question on GitHub but thought to ask here as well, sorry for the redundancy. I was looking for an update on the zoom in capabilities that are planned as enhancements to Survey 123 and what the status might be ?

We have users that will be taking photos as part of their inspection process in the field and it is very important for them to have zoom capabilities so they get the proper photo since an inspector will be reviewing them after the Survey has been posted.

I also think it would be good if the user could click on the photo after it has been taken inside the Survey and it would enlarge the photo in a new pop. This way they can ensure that the photo is good enough and then just close the pop up when finished reviewing. From there the user can then decide to delete and retake or keep the original.

Also, any way to know what is planned for the next releases regarding all enhancements that have been documented and considered by the Survey 123 team.

Thanks in advance,
Jason Sphar