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Postgresql and Arc SDE / Server

Question asked by yeel on Jun 2, 2016
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I was recommended to post a question here from this thread. I have been following the instructions here and copied over the ST_Geometries.dll and the other postgre libs into their respective ArcGIS and ArcServer Libs. The first question I have is: if I created tables in postgre, is the geometry I created below the correct type for Arc to read it? I am having an issue opening or editing tables I created in SQL with arcCatalogue, and when I open feature classes they open as a query layer (see below). I am at a loss as to what else I can try. I am using ArcServer and ArcGis 10.4, PostgreSQL 9.2.17 and PostGIS 2.1.8.


I will re-post below:

Hi, I've set up postgre /postgis and enterprise SDE. An example of my sql for setting up a table follows:

CREATE TABLE bird_sighting (  
    bird_id integer PRIMARY KEY,  
    field_id integer REFERENCES field(field_ID),  
    birdev_id integer REFERENCES bird_event(birdev_id),  
    sight_date date NOT NULL CHECK(sight_date > '2016-05-01'),  
    activity character varying (30),  
    rel_location character varying (20),  
    species character varying (40),  
    geom geometry(Point, 26917) NOT NULL  

When I open this feature class in ArcMap it opens up the "neq query layer" dialogue:


Is this correct? I thought that if I already defined the SRID and geometry type that this should already be populated?
Can someone explain to me why arcmap does this, or perhaps what I am doing wrong?