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Get the current scale for sceneView

Question asked by mheirendt on Jun 1, 2016
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I am currently updating nliu's TOC for version 3.16 here:


to be compatible with V 4.x. I have made some good progress, but am stuck on the scale property of the view.  In version 3.x, the map object had the method .getScale() to get the current scale. The TOC calls this method to know whether to display/block out scale dependent layers. However, the scene view has no such property, but in the documentation it claims:


'Traditional 2D mapping properties, such as scale, zoom, center and extent do not always work well in 3D. For example, a map's scale is not clear when viewed in the context of a globe. The SceneView therefore supports these properties on a best effort basis, with certain limitations'


Any ideas on how to get the value being used as 'scale' on the zoom event?