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Listening for the close event on an esri/dijit/Popup JS api 3.16

Question asked by Tamiac on May 31, 2016
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I am using esri/dijit/Popup in my javascript api 3.16 web application to return information about various layers. I have an image service identify task tied to the map click that returns an elevation and displays it in a div in the corner of the map. I would like to be able to hide the elevation div when I close the popup window, however I don't know what to listen for when I click the close button since there is no "id" associated with it. I've looked at the api reference for the popup class and I have tried using the code snippet - connect.connect(popup,"onHide",function(){ console.log('info window is hidden');  });  I've tried using '"on" instead of "connect" but nothing works. I saw someone had posted a similar question and received an answer however that solution works only in the new javascript api 4.0.  Can anyone help me?