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Use Kriging method with a specific condition for open channels?

Question asked by arn.mostaani on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2016 by slynch-esristaff

Hi, I would like to model the velocity of water flow in an open channel by Kriging method(I asked the possibility of using Kriging for this aim before and it seems that this method can be used for every condition). I collected my data on the cross section of the channel and depicted as a point data. The scattered data picture is attached and as you see two red and blue sorts of data(blue data have zero value while red data have nonzero value) and the coordinate of each point data is shown in x,y  plane. I try to  run Kriging method in ARC GIS10 with one condition which is: the blue points must have no spatial relation with the other blue points. How can I apply the mentioned condition in ARC GIS10?(I think this condition influences on empirical semivariogram and the weights related to the blue point data)