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Dead End : eSearch Not Loading Anything

Question asked by bokeefe on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by bokeefe

I'm developing a Web App for Collisions in Tulsa.

I built the MXD. It uses a Query Layer that pulls from some Oracle DB's.

I Shared the MXD as a REST Service.

I built an AGOL map using that REST Service.

I built a WAB App using that AGOL Map.

I added in the eSearch widget ( the one published on 23MAY ).

( thanks to creator Robert Scheitlin, GISP )

Configured it with my REST Service.


I'm getting nothing...

ArcGIS Web Application

There is the link to the sandbox version of it.


I spent more than a few hours yesterday trying to figure it out. I'm at a loss. About to go back to the early version of the eSearch.