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GDAL driver in ArcMap 10.4

Question asked by mrubelmann on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by env.matt.wilkie

I'm having trouble getting our custom GDAL driver to work in ArcMap 10.4.  It works fine in 10.3 and below.  In 10.4, ArcMap is calling the dll's entry point when it starts up.  Our code is then calling GDALDriverManager’s RegisterDriver function for several file types.  That's returning a valid index each time, and calling GDALGetDriverByName seems to work as well.  Everything appears to be okay, but then ArcMap never calls the drivers we've registered when the time comes to actually use it.


Pretty weird, right?  Well here's another weird thing - the gdal_i.lib files from both of these links are identical.





The page for the 10.4 sample makes it sound like despite the version number still being 1.8, the libraries are actually different.  Given that, I'd expect the two versions of gdal_i.lib to be different.  Am I missing something?  Has anyone made their own GDAL driver for ArcMap 10.4?