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Can't import map to WAB Developer Edition 2.0

Question asked by MidnightYell2003 Champion on May 27, 2016
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I downloaded and installed the Web AppBuilder Developer Edition 2.0 on my computer. Everything went fine and I was able to create some maps and modify them with no problems. I exported a map and modified it on my desktop computer (modified the code). I have it "hosted" on a Public Google Drive folder that acts as a server and works just fine.


I want to import it back into the WAB Developer page so that I can make more modifications, but when I go to Import and choose Import from my computer, I navigate to the Zip file, and it gives me the error of Invalid App:


I am not sure what to do differently. I looked through this documentation but it is not clear how I am supposed to proceed.


Am I going about this all  wrong? This is my first time using WAB Developer so it's possible I'm not thinking clearly. I am using Firefox on my organizational AGOL account. It also gives me the same error on Chrome (version 50).


When I look at the logs in ...WebAppBuilderForArcGIS\server\logs\appbuilder.log, it just says:

[ERROR] app - Invalid App.

Before that I see:

[INFO] server - Set isXT = true;


Thanks in advance!