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How Do I : Update Widget Already In WAB App?

Question asked by bokeefe on May 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by steveGeocomm

Technically, this is in relation to Robert Scheitlin, GISP and his eSearch widget. But I assume it would work for any.

Here is my scenario.

1) I have a working and deployed WAB App.

2) App uses Widget 123

3) Widget 123 gets an Update from version X.1 to X.2

4) App needs some functionality of X.2 version

Now up till now, I add the new version to my WAB and then recreate the entire WAB App. Then the new version goes directly in. Problem solved.

As the complexity of my WAB Apps are growing this is becoming a tedious process and I am hoping to update my procedures here. So I am asking. What is the preferred way to update a WAB App with a new version of Widget 123 once an update comes out?