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Can't access Geoevent Manager on Port 6143

Question asked by BISYSTEMS on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by slmeier

Hi all

After applying SP1 to Geoevent 10.3.1 I am no longer able to access the Management console.

When I enter the URL I get an error message

No service was found.

Now the interesting thing is that although I can't access the console the processes are all functioning correctly and I can logon to RabbitMQ and can see that activity is occurring.  We also receive the output as emails from GEX regularly.

The SP1 has fixed the RabbitMQ issues we had but has introduced another issue.


The Error being returned is from the http Jetty server which is yet another component of GEX.

I would like to know if I can use RabbitMQ to export the configuration so that I can uninstall and re-install GEX and SP1 to see if the error resolves on the server.

Also is there another way to get into the console?

/geoevent/rest fails with the same error.

  1. Request URL:https://<host>:6143/geoevent/rest/geoeventservice
  2. Request Method:GET
  3. Status Code:404 Not Found

Any help diagnosing this issue would be handy.

I'm not very familiar with http jetty from apache.