Locate Pixel at Specific Coordinate in US National Grid

Discussion created by nmichelg on May 25, 2016
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I am trying to locate a specific coordinate within the US National Grid displayed over an NDVI raster.

18TXL5220060030 and 18TXL5157160811 as an example.


I have specified the subdivision ticks to be 10 so I can see 52200 precisely and I can see 60 and can estimate that 30 would be a bit before 61 but I'm just eyeing this information and I'm thinking there must be a more precise method to locate specific coordinates within this mapping software. I'm drawing a line from the tick marks estimated locations to find the intersection but this seems to be a very rudimentary way of doing things. I'm running 10.4Q 7.jpg


Thankyou for any help.