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WAB killed by Chrome 51

Question asked by brESRI on May 25, 2016
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I just upgraded Chrome to version 51 (51.0.2704.63 x64), and now none of my WAB apps, even AGOL-based apps, will fully load.  They partially load and the progress thingy just keeps spinning.  On my server, WD 1.2 and 1.3 will load into Chrome and show apps, but none of the apps will load fully when launched.  WAB Dev 2.0 will only partially load into Chrome, and no apps are shown.  I can see that I am logged in to my organization's Portal, so that is not the issue.


Does anyone else see this?  Is there some way I can configure Chrome 51 settings to allow WD 2.0 and apps to load fully?


All is normal with Firefox 46.0.1 and IE11.


My organization's default enterprise browser is Chrome, so if anyone upgrades to current version, they won't be able to use any of my apps. 


Chrome 51 includes many security fixes:


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