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Auto populating from a choice list?

Question asked by on May 24, 2016
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I am wanting to scan barcodes from an assortment of fittings and pipe, then populate 6 different fields based on the barcode field. The barcodes use base-62 encoding and instead of doing the calculations (I am not sure if possible in xforms?), I would rather it calculate the substring value and populate a field with a corresponding value in the choice list.


The only way I am able to do so is have a calculate field pull the substring, then a select_one field with a choice filter that limits the selection to the calculated substring value. Since there is only one choice for that substring, it populates the list with the single correct value, however, the user must select all 6 fields for them to show up on the survey.


Is there anyway that these values can be defaulted, preferably in a text field? Hopefully I am going about this entirely wrong and there is a simple way to fill in a value from a list.

I am new to Survey123 and xforms in general, so any help is greatly appreciated.