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One-way evaluator and

Question asked by ekmandal on May 23, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2016 by ekmandal

I am using a python script to find best route between origins and destinations. Looking at the  route solution, I find that the route did not follow the one-way restrictions correctly at some portions of the street. But when I use the same network  data-set (streetmap_na  10.1 dataset) ,  and pick the same origin and destination locations (as were input  in the script) manually in arcmap, it follows the one-way restrictions as expected. I reviewed the one-way evaluators, they are set up correct as Vb script as referenced in ArcGIS help.

When I run the route solver in python, does the network data set one-way evaluator needed to be set up using python for this solver to honor the one-way restrictions?

I am running arcgis 10.3.1