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Survey123 with AGOL and ArcGIS Server

Question asked by rjnalewa on May 23, 2016

In the "Star Wars Day Release" blog post there is a section about Working with Existing feature services using submission_urls.


I was wondering if this addition makes it possible to publish a survey to AGOL using an existing feature service hosted on our internal ArcGIS Server as the feature service. (getting around the federated Portal/Server or AGOL only requirement)


I have been experimenting with this today and was unable to get it to work.  When I was able to publish the survey with the ArcGIS Server Feature Service (I think) I got an "Error 498: Invalid Token" and was unable to submit the surveys.


I'm guessing that this didn't work simply because its unsupported functionality, but I'm writing on the chance that I simply made a mistake somewhere, and it should work.


thanks in advance,

Rob N.