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Story map empty when accessed from particular organization: possible causes

Question asked by guenno on May 21, 2016
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I created a storymap at or  which serves layers from an amazon instance.


Everything works fine from within my organization (McGill), from at home, smartphone and various location in the world (Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico, UK), however not from within that one organization in London. Unfortunately this is where I will be conducting a workshop next week, and I would like the participants to be able to see and browse story maps during the workshop. I prepared many layers in advance for this, so it's not easy to set up an alternative server on a local computer.


I was not yet able to extensively troubleshoot this with the IT department over there, but what I know so far is this:


  1. Both links work for them (using IE), but showing only the basemaps, not the tile layer(s) from my amazon server.
  2. However they can access individual tiles directly from my server without problem (e.g. )


I am not an IT person, so I'm not sure what is going on, however I think this tells me that there might be a policy in place within the organization, that either disallows * or thirdparty content linked through arcgis online.


  • Does anyone have an idea what kind of policy would disallow content from story maps?
  • Their computers are linked to a network domain. Could there be a browser policy that blocks this type of content? What if we connect to their WIFI with our own laptops - is there a chance we would not be affected by their policy or is this kind of policy set at the router level?
  • What kind of questions should I ask further, or what kind of tests do you recommend to further narrow down what the problem might be.
  • Is there another cause for this problem?


I realize I am poking into the dark with these questions, but thanks a lot for any hints or recommendations.


Cheers, Guenther