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Discussion created by aizonline on May 20, 2016
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Should you avail yourself of the 'full meal deal' for a Benjamin a year (non-commercial Desktop Advanced for $100/yr or your local distro's fee depending on tax regime), something changed this year that has just thrown me for a loop.


On your anniversary you pay your fee, you go to myEsri to verify your licenses, and you see this:





Previous version(s) enumerate(s) Desktop Advanced and Extensions. Current version shows only Personal Use.


So you grab your authorisation code (AC), and in ArcGIS Administrator you go through the routine. snooze


But wait! When it asks if you want to authorise Extensions too, what do you do? You have no AC, do you? gasp


Relax... Just enter the one AC you do have, continue and decline twice ( ! ) the addition of Extensions holdubreath


When you finished, go back to ArcGIS Administrator, and see that all your Extensions are magically added whew


You see, the previously enumerated Desktop Advanced and Extensions appear under Personal Use as "Package":





I guess they tried to simplify the licensing, but they just forgot to fix the UI for Personal Use installation lifegoeson


You see my teens would've just pushed&poked on and installed it... only the senior in me would be stopped by such trivia!


Hope this helps you avoid tripping over this one enjoy