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Someone of you can help me to understand if there are direct commands to find morphologic basin descriptors?

Question asked by Cinnello on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2016 by Cinnello

hi,  I need to know if there are simple commands for this 5 points: 1. the upslope contributing area, As [m2]; 2. the surface curvature,∇^2H [-], defined as the Laplacian of the elevation; 3. the local slope, S [-], estimated as the maximum slope among the eight possible flow directions that connect the cell under exam to the adjacent cells; 4. the distance from the nearest stream, D [m], defined as the length of the path that hydrologically connects the location under exam to the nearest element of the reference drainage network; 5. the elevation to the nearest stream, H [m], computed as the difference between the elevation of the cell under exam and the elevation of the final point of the aboveidentified path. I think the number 1 is flow accumulation (spatial analyst - hydrology), the number 3 is slope(spatial analyst - surface), the number 2 maybe the command "curvature" from spatial analyst-surface, and for the last two numbers i think the right tools is distance but really i don't know).  Thanks so much for your time. Best regards  Luca Guglielmo Bucci