Windows 10 compatibility

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My project based on SDK 10.2.7 notifies compatibility warning regarding to “UAP 8.1”


Can you give me some approximate date to welcome the UWP version?


MapView.MaximumExtent overstays horizontal limitation

Zoom In/Out and vertical limitation works well, but the map panning is not limited horizontally!


Attempt to read local data from documents library folder fails!

Cache: "Error reading cache configuration!" in "Layer.InitializeAsync()"

Vector: "Unable to open the database file:" in "Geodatabase.OpenAsync(Path)" (takes a long time)

My application stores local data in application folder, but this location it is not suitable on Windows 10 mobile device such as Lumia 950, because of locked concept to manually explore the data.


Deployment on mobile device (ARM) such as Lumia 950 fails on main InitializeComponent with error:

"Cannot create instance of type 'Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Controls.MapView'"


There are any ESRI UWP apps available on the windows store yet.

I have found only this:

“ArcGIS for Windows Phone” 10.1.3, Build 1372 c 2010-2013 Esri based on SDK 10.1.1

“Survey123 for ArcGIS” for Windows Phone 8.1