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Cloudbuilder reports site didn't start, although it appears that it did

Question asked by paul.haakma on May 17, 2016

I have a site built using CloudBuilder for Amazon, using the 10.4 AMI. It usually starts up and shuts down fine. But a few times now, when starting up, it sits there forever saying waiting for instance to be ready.

However, when I check the actual AWS web console, the EC2 instance is running, and I am also able to successfully remote into it and can access all services etc


After over an hour of CloudBuilder sitting there waiting for the 'instance to be ready', I shut down Cloudbuilder. Then, when I opened Cloudbuilder, it showed a triangle with a yellow exclamation mark with a popup that says 'Start failed - site did not start within specified timeout'. I had to shut the server down manually. I then made the mistake of manually deleting the load balancer and now I can't start the server at all from Cloudbuilder. I expect I will have to delete the site and start again.


Does anyone have any ideas what happened here and how I could avoid it happening again? Or how to resurrect the site and get it back working?