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Arcpy Network Analyst Solve Failure

Question asked by jungjr11 on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2016 by jungjr11

While using the Network Analyst Closest Facility task in a python script, my solve operation is failing on incidents that have been located on disconnected network segments.  I have tried to use:


arcpy.Solve_na(cf_layer, terminate_on_solve_error=False, ignore_invalids=True)


but then the routes feature is never populated with any data at all, even for incidents that do have a solution.


When I run this same operation in ArcMap, solve executes properly with the addition of a warning window displaying the incidents solve was not able to find a solution for.


This brings me to my question:


1. Is there a way in python for solve to complete on all other features that do have a valid solution so I can continue with my analysis?  If not,  am I able to access the Network Analyst warning window within python so I can filter out incidents I know will fail?



Thanks in advance,