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Understanding differing Max Record Counts

Question asked by Mapjection on May 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by Mapjection

Hello.  I'm looking for some clarification on an ArcGIS Server situation I've come across.


This Map Server has a Max Record Count of 5


However, a Feature Layer endpoint in that service shows a Max Record Count of 1000


If you query the Feature Layer endpoint, the max of 5 from the Map Server is used, essentially making the Max Count provided by the Feature Layer incorrect.

Embedded linking is failing, raw is truncating, so this is the query URL over two lines:



It's unfortunate it appears I need to make a separate service call to determine the correct Max Record Count.


Am curious if this is the correct behavior for the Max Record Count property.


Also, this is a 10.11 server, has this been changed or corrected in newer versions?  I'd like my code to work correctly for as many cases as possible.  I don't have a newer server at my disposal to check with.


And of course, if anyone knows a better workaround then quering the Map Server root, please share.