Issues with webpage visibility in Map Journal Builder using Google Chrome browser

Discussion created by LeviRose_OA on May 13, 2016

A few issues about editing in Map Journal Builder with Google Chrome (Version 50.0.2661.102 m).  A work around to this problem was posted here, but I was not able to find a solution to this problem while in an editing session.


Changing the URL protocol from HTTPS to HTTP works to get the application to display properly when viewing the webpage in a public setting. However, this is not possible during an editing session within the application, so it is not possible to see how the webpages are displayed, etc. Changing the protocol within the Main Stage Webpage Url has no effect.


Internet Explorer (version 11.09600.18314) is able to display the webpages properly without changing any protocol information. However, when loading the Map Journal Web Application a pop up at the bottom of the screen appears, "Only secure content is displayed." and a button "Show all content." Clicking the show all content button always the webpages to appear.


Please advise on a solution that involves webpages to be viewed in Map Journal Builder while editing in the Chrome browser.