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Can I symbolize data by the count of attribute matches?

Question asked by zaubrecht1989 on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by wwmiller68

I am trying to symbolize features based on the "Unique values, many fields" Category in the Layer Properties menu. I have a feature layer that is supposed to have 2 fields with unique values to that feature. Can I symbolize features based on whether or not a certain combination of these unique values appear more than once.


For instance, if this was my table

FID          Unique value 1      Unique value 2

1               X                             A

2               X                             A

3               S                             B

4               S                             C

5               M                            O

6               D                            O

7               V                            T

8               G                            F


Then I would want FID's 1 & 2 to be symbolized in the "both match" symbology class, FID's 3 & 4 to be in the "Unique vale 1 matches" symbology class, FID's 5 & 6 to be in the "Unique vale 2 matches" symbology class, and FID's 7 & 8 in the "Completely unique" symbology class. Is this possible at all?


I'm dealing with 100's of thousands of records, so I will not be able to do this manually via "Unique values, many fields" symbology protocol.