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Arc Hydro Tools / Calculate Normal Depth

Question asked by NitramYlox on May 11, 2016

Hello People!


I am trying to quick calculate Water Depth with Arc Hydro Tools toolbox\H & H Modeling\Cross-section characterization\...


3 models cannot be executed, they have red "X" as incorrect models. I think, these models were made under ArcGIS 10.1. So I made own model with same tools, which is running. But, when I am trying to execute "Calculate normal Depth" Script, it is still returning error message:


Executing: ComputeNormalDepth2 Layers\River XS3D pf_XS3D

Start Time: Wed May 11 12:25:51 2016

Running script ComputeNormalDepth2...

Process 0 of 1 1 1 Qs, err: ('line 171', 'c:\\program files (x86)\\arcgis\\desktop10.3\\ArcToolbox\\Scripts\\ArcHydro\\', 'RuntimeError: A column was specified that does not exist.') 1 XLines.  dt=0.002 s.

Completed script ComputeNormalDepth2...

Succeeded at Wed May 11 12:25:51 2016 (Elapsed Time: 0,24 seconds)


I checked field structures, attribute values of required input and I cannot find a problem there.

171. row of script is loop "FOR" with data of x-section part characterization table.


Please, can somebody help me? I am using AGD 10.3.1 with last Arc Hydro Tools and don't want to downgrade to 10.1. I need quickly "indicativaly" compute water depths and don't want spend time with 1D modeling in HEC-RAS or MIKE11/1D. Or...Are You using similar free tool in ArcGIS?


Thank You So Much