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Issue with a Time Field to Identify Incremental Updates when Publishing Survey in Survey123 to Portal 10.3

Question asked by rjmarros on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Matthew_Thomas-esristaff


I am currently having an issue when I publish a survey built in Survey123 to Portal 10.3. By default, Survey123 will generate fields automatically like CreationDate, Creator, EditDate, and Editor, which are helpful in tracking when edits are made on the backend of surveys.


The EditDate is a useful field since I am able to use this field in the “Time Field to Identify Incremental Updates” option in GeoEvent Processor to track updates to my database (which is generated by Survey123) once a new survey has been created, or one is updated on the back-end.

Right now I am able to successful get this to work when I publish a survey from Survey123 to my ArcGIS online account. When my Input in GeoEvent Processor Manager is set to my ArcGIS Online account for the ArcGIS Server Connection option, I am able to select the EditDate field and use that as my Time Field option.


However, for some reason when I take the same survey and publish it to Portal 10.3 via Survey123, these automatic field names are changed to created_user, created_date, last_edited_user, and last_edited_date.


This ends up causing me an issue when I use the last_edited_date in GeoEvent Processor for the Time Field to get my incremental updates, it doesn’t work properly. I keep getting constant alerts for the same survey even though the last_edited_date is not being updated.


Is there a reason why when publishing to Portal vs ArcGIS online that those automatic fields would be generated differently? Is there a way to change this or a method to get this to work properly with GeoEvent Processor?