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Newly installed Desktop won't run

Question asked by jcdege on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 13, 2016 by curtvprice

I'm trying to get Arc Map 10.4 running, from a new installation of ArcGIS_Desktop on Windows 10.

I'd initially installed the free trial, then uninstalled, and installed ArcGIS_Desktop_104_149411.exe.

The installation worked fine, and the Authorization Wizard seems to have worked. I see EDN ArcGIS for Desktop Basic listed in ArcGIS Administrator, with version 10.1-10.4, marked as Installed, and Authorized, with an expiration of 01-Dec-2016.


But when I run ArcMap 10.4, I get a splash screen showing the message "Loading Document..." for about 30 seconds, then it goes away.


I filed a support ticket with ESRI last week, but have had no response.


Is there some sort of log that ArcMap might be writing to, that would give me a hint as to what is going wrong?


I've tried un-installing, and re-installing, and it's made no difference.