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How to add text to map in Pro?

Question asked by agray1 on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2016 by wharrison-esristaff

So this is the problem I have.  I have analysts cranking out analyses through heads up digitizing on top of satellite imagery.  Analysts will place a piece of text on the map to highlight something unusual that warrants attention to the end users of the product.  Once the analysis is done, it gets cranked through a process to generate several charts with the same extent and data but with different symbology.  Analysts don't interact with the layout at all, it is automated, they might review the final product but that is it.  Currently analysts place the text element in a featureclass annotation in ArcMap, so the text shows up on all the maps in the same place.  With ArcGIS pro, I am looking at keeping a similar workflow where analysts interact with a mapx in an aprx and use with a different aprx to crank out the pdfs.  Problem is I can only add text to a layout.  I don't want analysts to interact with the layout since they could mess it up.  I want analysts to create data only, text on the map is considered "free form data" and needs to be stored in the database for archival purposes.


Annotation gives the flexibility of placing the text on map in and among the features so even if you change the extent or scale of the final product, the text will stay in the same place and the same size relative to the features.