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How do I add multiple layers to the Legend widget?

Question asked by erenkema on May 10, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by erenkema

The Legend Widget sample and API page demonstrate how to add one layer to the widget, but I want to add multiple layers. I know that if I don't include the layerInfos property, all the layers will show, but what syntax do I need to use in order to add just the layers I want and to have more control over what it says next to each layer? I tried this:

var legend = new Legend({

      view: view,

      layerInfos: [{

          layer: [parkingLayer, votingLayer],

          title: "Random Layers"




view.ui.add(legend, "bottom-right");

What I get is a little box at the bottom right that says "No Legend".

Another odd thing is that when I add only one layer it works except my title doesn't show up. If I only add the parking layer it says "Main Map-Parking Lots" next to it, but no title.

Any pointers on this are much appreciated.