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Can Collector create multiple maps for multiple project areas?

Question asked by scott_mcgee_fws on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2019 by MPCGroup_Admin

I have a use case that I'm not sure Collector can address, and am looking for input.

Here's the scenario:

* I'm going out to do field data collection in five separate project areas over the course of five days.

* The project areas are 20-50 miles from each other (will helicopter from one area to the next).

* I won't have an Internet connection during the five days of field work.


I know I can make a map available for offline use. That's not a problem. The issue is that if I want to include all five project areas in my offline map, at a zoom level that I need, the map downloaded to the iPad will be several gigabytes in size, with 99% of it being unnecessary, as it's not actually needed for my five widely-spaced, but rather small project areas.


What I really want to do is to have five separate maps - one for each of the small project areas. I don't need the area between the five project areas. But I don't see any way of doing this in Collector. When I download a map to the iPad, and then click on Manage, the only option it gives is to delete the map. What I really want to do is to copy an existing map, specify a new project area and scale for it, and save it as a new map with a different name. That way I could have five individual maps; one for each project area (Project Area 1, Project Area 2, etc.). See below for a diagram.


I considered the use of tile packages, but this is not a workable or efficient method. This is because we'll have multiple people out in the field collecting data, and if each of them is working in multiple areas each day, then they would need to submit their project areas to a GIS person in advance of their field work so that the GIS person could create all the tile packages and make them available to the field workers. It would be much quicker and more efficient if the field workers could create and download all of their intended project areas without the assistance of a GIS person.


Am I just missing something obvious in Collector? Or is it not possible to do this with the current version of Collector?