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Uploading an MXD using ArcGIS for Server's upload REST end point

Question asked by salieghaziz531 on May 9, 2016

I am trying to upload an mxd document through ArcGIS for Server's upload REST end point (http://SERVERNAME/arcgis/admin/uploads/upload), and the response is that Items with that extension is not supported.


I did some reading, and came across the system properties that allows you to override the default file extension white list. After using the end point to update the property/properties (http://SERVERNAME/arcgis/admin/system/properties/update) with the following json


  "uploadFileExtensionWhitelist": "soe,sd,prj,sde,odc,csv,txt,zshp,kmz,mxd",

  "uploadItemInfoFileExtensionWhitelist": "xml,img,png,gif,jpg,jpeg,bmp,mxd,prj,soe"



I attempted the same with a prj file, which failed as well.

What is strange is that I can upload a zip file with no issues, even though it does not appear in the white list

I restarted the server, with no success. Any idea what is going wrong with AGS?