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Customising an unsupported code share app for an australian map

Question asked by natdan on May 8, 2016
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I am customising an app that is provided as-is, as an unsupported code share. The app is based on leaflet and takes a feature service and tiled map layer:


The Living Wage Map:

Github repo:


When I add the tiled map layer I can pan from the USA to Australia and see the data, however when I add our feature service, the web app fails to load. At one stage the error message in the Chrome Developer tools was suggesting something about a WKID. Do I need to change the WKID of the Feature Service, or do I need to change the WKID of the JavaScript, or is it both that need changing. This is assuming that the WKID is the cause of the feature service not loading in the first place? The map is also locked on the USA and I would like to change that to South Australia. Maybe this will be solved if the we can get the feature service to load correctly. So my question is whether or not the WKID is the likely cause of our feature service failing to load when attempting to use a USA based template for South Australia?