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Configuring a heat map?

Question asked by pk_davidson on May 6, 2016
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In AGOL (or Portal), is there anyway to modify the scaling on a heat map?

For example, I have a data set that gives values for Lead in Water.  Values go from 1 to 5 so, depending on color scheme, the 5s show up as Red (the hot spots.)  However, what I want to do is to show values from 1 to 15 where 15 is a limit we have to worry about.  I don't want a low value of 5 showing up in Red.  Yes, I could change the color scheme but prefer not to.

I could add in a fake data point so the heat values scale as I want but then I need to prevent that point from showing.


I seem to recall somwhere I did a heat map in which I can set an upper bound. I've tried a few things but so far no luck.  Mayube it was in WAB Developer?  I don't think I've tried that yet.