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Can't draw polylines, but can see their labels in ArcMap

Question asked by ldean118 on May 6, 2016
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I'm having issues with drawing one particular shapefile. I haven't changed any queries or the file location, but after my ArcMap crashed, it's been unable to draw the polylines. I sent the MXD to my coworker and she had the same issue on a different machine. The strange thing is that I can get the labels to show up for each line in the layer, and some of the lines are drawing, but there are large gaps. I've done all the  troubleshooting I can find online, but since I didn't change anything about the file, I'm not sure what to correct. There's nothing unusual happening in the attribute table, everything is projected properly,  and I don't have a definition query.


Has anyone else seen this problem where you can turn on all  your labels but not the accompanying polylines?