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I am having trouble setting up my survey to use the select_one type for a hidden question. Is it possible to do this?

Question asked by rjmarros on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by dgr_gis

I am trying to create a survey where operators would go out in the field to
collect pictures for a survey and don't want them to see all of the questions I
am putting into my survey. My plan is to have them publish the survey out in
the field, and then have the survey be reviewed by an inspector back in the
office. During the inspection process, I would like to have questions created
by that same survey for the inspectors to answer, and those questions would
be a the select_one type (i.e. domains options).


Right now I am able to hide the questions, and see them in my schema for the
survey. However, my select_one "answers" (domain values) aren't
coming over after I publish my survey in the backend (in ArcGIS
Online). Is there a step I am missing?