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ArcGIS Server Manager redirects from 6080 to 6443 after upgrade

Question asked by chdkelley on May 5, 2016
Latest reply on May 16, 2016 by mike.robb



I am learning on the fly until I can get some training.  I upgraded our Multi-Server Test environment from Server 10.2.2 to 10.3.1.  I configured the Web Adaptor(s) and now the ArcGIS Server Manger at servername:6080/arcgis/manager/ redirects to servername:6443/arcgis/manager/ .


I also get a certificate error now.  Our IT group has upgraded our certificates, but I believe they are only for the external addresses and not the internal addresses to the servers.  I am not a DNS, Web, server expert by any means 


I have been doing some reading, but have not had luck yet.  6443 is for https: and 6080 is for http: from my reading.  Is this new in 10.3 for 6080 to not work?  Server Administrator still works fine at port 6080.   Is there anything I actually need to be worried about since it is all inside the firewall and not available to the public.  The external site is working fine and I am not having any issues with publishing map services.